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May Yonhap: Urban explorers find life in abandoned spaces

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SEOUL, May 23 (Yonhap) — Broken glass and splintered wood crunch underfoot as Yangban Tal weaves his way through a cramped alley. Armed with a camera and a Korean mask, from which he draws his pseudonym, he’s come to a small cluster of abandoned traditional Korean homes, called hanok, to photograph, explore, and document urban decay and growth across Seoul.

For the last eight years since his arrival in Seoul, Yangban Tal, a 33-year-old writer and photographer, has been leading the urban exploration community throughout Korea.

At the heart of it is his ongoing photo series featuring traditional Korean masks, which commoners used to mock the aristocracy, juxtaposed with urban decline across the country. He also organizes meet-ups and connects with other artists and explorers across the country.

Read more at: Urban explorers find life in abandoned spaces



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