Curtis File

Lorum Ipsum

Published Work

Yonhap News

Artists seek new boroughs in an unforgiving city

Struggling for acceptance, gay Christians find their own place of worship

Hanwoo farmers worried about uncertain market

Urban explorers find life in abandoned spaces

For world’s most wired country, breaking Internet monopoly is hard

Popular but secretive, North Korean restaurant keeps the “North” part low-key

ROK Derby Girls spreading a punk rock brand of feminism

Foreign residents experiencing S. Korea’s growing pains of diversity

Listening to Save Lives

아시아 경제 (10 Entertainment News)

Hongdae’s Indie Revival: GoGo Star’s Rise to the Top

International DJs Making Waves in Korea’s Club Scene

Korea Magazine

Rules of Love (pg.46-49)

10 Magazine

Cover Story: The 10 Best Things to Do with 24 Hours in Seoul

*This article also appeared in Centered on Taipei

Andong’s Four Famous Foods

The Dalk Galbi of Your Dreams

Uijeongbu’s Budae Jjigae Alley

Mongolian Food on the Grill and North Koreans in the Kitchen

Gardens of Eden

Bistro Tin – A Cut Above Your Standard Euro-Bistro

Gorgonzola in Gangnam, 5ton Station

Foodie Finds: Skewers and Sake

Foodie Finds: Makgeolli, More Taste, Less Billing

Can You Handle the Heat?

Chungju Lake and Danyang’s Eight Scenic Wonders

Foodie Finds: Getting Lost in the Pages

Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi: Dining Here is a Naan Issue

The Burger, Plain and Simple



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